Best Rattlesnake Pasta- The Ultimate Guide

Homemade Rattlesnake Pasta is an easy-to-make Pasta Recipe made with juicy seasoned chicken and tenderized spicy garlic cheese sauce and is full of flavors!

It’s incredibly easy and quick to prepare.Make it ready for your family dinner in just 35 minutes!

Rattlesnake Pasta Recipe

Maybe you have tried it somewhere else, this copycat Pasta Recipe will bring back the restaurant journey to your home table and you will fall in love with it.

This juicy copycat recipe is made with jalapeños pasta and contains proteins and spices! Don’t worry there are no snakes in this recipe 😉

What is Rattlesnake Pasta?

This is a just one-pot dish you can quickly prepare in just 10 minutes! It’s full of flavor and incredibly simple to make.

Rattlesnake Pasta originated from American Southwest. As its name suggests it’s bold and spicy that mimics the power of a rattlesnake’s bite.

Made with Al dente pasta, savory creamy asiago sauce, and grilled chicken! Garlic Jalapeno pasta gives a taste of heat and spice!

This pasta is a harmonic mixture of flavors and texture you won’t be able to say NO!

Why is it Called Rattlesnake Pasta

Maybe you heard about its name and thought why is it called rattlesnake pasta? Is there rattlesnake meat in this dish?

No, don’t worry there is no rattlesnake meat in this recipe its name suggests being too spicy. This is easy to make and you can increase the heat of this pasta it’s up to you.

To reduce its heat, remove the seeds from jalapeños, you can also omit the paper (cayenne) to cut back more spices.

But if you are a fan of spices, I’d recommend leaving the seeds for a bang of heat!

Why You’ll Adore It?

It’s the perfect combination of cream and spice together. It’s lighter, so smooth, and juicy. You will enjoy the bell pepper texture combined with chicken and pasta.

My family loves eating this and it’s quick to prepare in just one pot and no big dish cleanings are required. It’s a unique and fun recipe and also best for entertaining.

Helpful Tips When Making Rattlesnake Pasta

Do not overcook the pasta: Overcooking the Al dente pasta can cause a mushy texture as it is combined with the sauce, cooking it properly means it should contain a slight bite and texture.

Chicken Preparation: Let the chicken sit at room temperature, by doing this cooking time will reduce and output will be juicy and moist chicken and you will love this.

Adjust the spice: This recipe is known for its bold heat and flavor, you can adjust its spice by reducing red pepper flakes or other spices according to your preferences.

Always start with a small amount and gradually increase its level if you desire more.

Mix the Pasta well: Once every ingredient is combined, toss pasta evenly with sauce and veggies, so every bite of it contains balance flavor and spice, toss it thoroughly to coat.

Operate Jalapenos with gloves: Always wear gloves while cutting jalapeño peppers.

Working with jalapeño leaves spicy pepper juice on your hands and you can touch your eyes or sensitive areas, if you don’t have gloves make sure to wash your hands multiple times.

Cover the pan: During cooking the chicken traps the steam in the pan, which will make your chicken super moist and flavorful.

Don’t hesitate to experiment with different ingredients and spices. Have fun and be creative with it, it can be customized in any way.

How to Make Rattlesnake Pasta

Rattlesnake Pasta Instructions

Cook the pasta according to the package directions.

Step 1: Bring the pan add oil at medium heat, then add cubed chicken breast, while its cooking prepares the onion and set aside.

Step 2: Melt the butter, add onion and garlic, and keep stirring for about 5 minutes also prep the jalapenos.

Step 3: Add flour and mix it well, just trust the process it may look weird.

Step 4: Add milk to it.

Step 5: Combine the milk well keep adding a cup of milk until it is well mixed.

Step 6: Now add seasoning and chili pepper.

Step 7: Add jalapeños and bell pepper and stir.

Step 8: Stir cheese until melted, lastly combine chicken and pasta. Enjoy!

Can I make Ahead of Time?

Yes, you can store it for up to 6 days, deepening on how fresh spices you used while making it. This can store incredibly well. So, store it in an airtight container, and use it for all your future needs.

How to Store Rattlesnake Pasta?

I like to store the rattlesnake pasta. in an airtight jar, and just like other spices keep it in a cool, dark place. You can use spice jars with an airtight lid, it can remain fresh for about 6 days.


Chicken Breasts- I used boneless skinless chicken breasts, you can also use thighs too.

Olive Oil – Any oil can work for this recipe but I used Olive oil.

Pasta – Use pasta of your choice I used PENNE.

Butter- You can use any butter of your taste.

Onion– I used yellow onion It will add onion flavor to your recipe.

Red pepper flakesyou can replace it with any other pepper like cayenne.

All-purpose flour

Whole milk- Don’t use lower-fat milk, always prefer whole milk this will make its texture creamier and juicier.

Jalapeños- Use fresh jalapeños, but canned can work fine too.

parmesan cheese


Best Rattlesnake Pasta

Best Rattlesnake Pasta

Homemade Rattlesnake Pasta is an easy-to-make Pasta Recipe made with juicy seasoned chicken and tenderized spicy garlic cheese sauce and is full of flavors! It's incredibly easy and quick to prepare.
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 27 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Servings 8
Calories 509 kcal


  • 1 lb penne pasta
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 1/2 pounds chicken breasts boneless skinless
  • 4 tbsp butter
  • 4 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 tbsp minced garlic
  • 1 yellow onion minced
  • 4 cups whole milk
  • 3 tbsp cajun seasoning
  • 1 green  bell pepper
  • 3 jalapeños
  • 1 cup parmesan cheese


  • Cook the pasta according to the package directions.
  • Prep the chicken into 1” cubes.
  • Bring a large fry pan and heat olive oil at medium heat, add chicken, and cook until cooked well, keep stirring, once its temperature reaches 165*F place it in a bowl and let it set aside.
  • Melt butter and add garlic and onions and cook for about 5 minutes. While it's cooking, chop the bell peppers and prepare the jalapenos, if you want the spice to leave the seeds in it.
  • Add flour to this mixture it will start looking odd just trust the process.
  • Add 1 cup of milk and stir it well.
  • Repeat the above step 3-5 times until all milk is added and its texture should be smoother now.
  • Add seasoning and red chili, keep stirring occasionally, and add the jalapenos and bell peppers.
  • Add the cheese and stir until it is melted, then add chicken and pasta together.
  • Serve hot and enjoy!
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